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Structures for road construction


Our key products include structures for road construction.

The average monthly production volume for the road barrier system components produced within Stalprodukt S.A. group is about 50–100 tonnes. Bridge railing posts manufactured by “STP Elbud” sp. z o.o. are delivered not only to Polish roads, but also to our southern neighbours, i.e. the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

They are also used in Scandinavian markets, mainly in Denmark and Norway.

In addition to road safety sector, our acoustic barriers are used in the main motorway routes in the country. So far we have made over 2,000 tonnes of ready-made support structures, including on A1, A2, A4 motorways and on the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge in Warszawa.

In addition to road barrier and acoustic screen elements, we construct sign gantries, balustrades, barriers and railings.

The high quality of our structures is thanks to many years of experience in steel processing and welding, as confirmed by a wide range of certificates and the satisfaction of our customers.

With our modern machinery, we are able to execute highly complex tasks. Our qualified staff ensures the shortest possible execution time.