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ul. Płk. St. Dąbka 9, 30-732 Kraków
Structures for the modular construction sector

Modular construction is currently one of the fastest growing industries. Modular market is becoming more and more attractive in Poland and worldwide.


It’s main aspect is the execution time of the turnkey investment.
Based on the customer’s design documentation, we can make spatial constructions of frames for the modules. A designer cooperating with “STP Elbud” sp. z o.o. may transfer the building design to the working design. Our engineering staff may assist in optimising the design during documentation preparation. The Production Preparation Department consisting of experienced technologists will thoroughly check the documentation before the structure is transferred to production.

In construction works, we use only certified metallurgical products in accordance with the customer’s requirements in terms of profiles, sheets, and hot-rolled and cold-rolled sections.

To streamline the welding process, we use a positioner for works on frames up to 10 metres long and weighing up to 11 tonnes.

The whole process is supervised by the Quality Control staff responsible for verifying the correctness of each stage, from material cutting to assembly and welding of frame structures. If requested by the customer, we provide our own non-destructive tests of welds, including magnetic particle, penetration and ultrasonic inspections.

Structures are made in accordance with EN1090-2 or individual requirements of the customer.

In 2018, “STP Elbud” sp. z o.o. commenced the construction of self-supporting frame units designed for modular construction. The project was closed in the middle of 2019. The weight of all units was approx. 880 tonnes.

With our machinery as well as highly qualified and experienced staff, we built 168 spacious units for the highest 5-star hotel of the Marriott chain. The project will be located in New York, USA. Currently, the completed rooms undergo final finishing works and are prepared for shipment to the destination.

In 2020, we started to continue the 6th Ave project, expanded to include the roof units of the Marriott Hotel.

Structures for the general construction sector


We offer the following steel structures for general construction:

– halls (supporting columns, roof purlins, truss lattice structures);

– petrol stations (load-bearing structures, roofing structures);

– warehouse shelters.

The structures have no corrosion protection or are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanising.

For the general construction structures, we work mainly according to the customer’s documentation.

Standards, regulations and reference documents:

– ISO 9001:2015

– ISO 14001:2015

– EN 1090-1+A1:2012

– EN 1090-2:2018

– PN-EN ISO 1461:2011


Our recent projects:

  1. Roofing for tennis courts – Nowy Sącz;
  2. KFC roofing – Kraków;
  3. Warehouse shelters – PKP Cargo Kraków;
  4. Stadium roofing – Częstochowa;
  5. Gates – Kraków;
  6. Fencing – Swoszowice.