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DASt 022

After a positive audit in May 2021 on the compliance of the hot-dip galvanizing process with the requirements of Directive DASt 022, galvanizing plant “STP ELBUD” Sp. z o.o. received a certificate from the German Institute for Surface Technology.

The guidelines of the German Steel Construction Commission DASt 022 were introduced in December 2009 and updated in June 2016. They apply to the planning, construction, execution and hot-dip galvanizing of steel structures for the German market. The main objective of the Directive is to ensure the safety of structures by reducing the risk of cracks during the hot-dip galvanizing process. Structures shall be designed and manufactured according to EN 1993 and EN 1090 with steel grades S235, S275, S355, S420, S450, S500 according to EN 10025 and galvanized according to EN 1461. The guidelines do not cover reinforcing steel for concrete.

The directive divides the constructions into 3 confidence classes according to the parameters of the material from which they are made and the technical solutions of implementation applied.

This certificate ensures that all stages of the hot dip galvanizing process, the composition of the zinc bath and the performance of magnetic testing of components after galvanizing, meet the requirements of the DASt 022 Directive.

The person ordering galvanizing should fill in the form below with the necessary data concerning the material and method of construction. To order galvanizing according to DASt 022, please contact our Marketing and Trade Department. In case of doubts and questions please contact the Department of Anti-corrosion Coatings.

Galvanization order according to DASt 022