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  • Verzinkerei und Malerei

[de] Galvanising Plant

STP ELBUD has its own modern galvanising plant, located at 37 Kolejowa Street in Bukowno.

The galvanizing plant was registered on 21.12.1998, and the ceremonial opening and commencement of production took place on June 20, 2000. The „STP ELBUD“ galvanizing plant in Bukowno is one of the most modern plants in Poland.

Thanks to full control of the production process, we guarantee the highest quality of service and favorable terms of order fulfillment.

Dimensions of the zinc bath:

– 7,500 lengths [mm]
– 1,500 widths [mm]
– 2,800 depths [mm]
– Load up to 2 tons.

Zinc capacity at 3,200 tons per month.

Hot dip galvanizing process in accordance with PN-EN ISO 1461, as well as additional customer requirements.


Steel Structure Painting Plant

Located in close proximity to the “STP ELBUD” galvanising plant, the painting plant with a total area of ​​2,200 m2.

A painting booth that can be used to paint elements of pylons, towers, acoustic screens and other large steel structures with a maximum element length of up to 15 meters.

3-zone cabo-dryer with dimensions: 27.0 x 6.0 x 6.2 m.

Divided into 3 modular painting zones with accessories for hydrodynamic painting.

Temperature control to shorten the standard drying time of the structure up to 50%.

Painter capacity: 850 tons of construction per month.

We offer anti-corrosion protection in the DUPLEX system.

Painting with modern hydrodynamic painting units.

Paint coatings made with epoxy-polyurethane (eg NOVATIC / SIKA / WILCKENS).

At customer’s request the possibility to make a painting with any set of paint (after prior agreement with STP ELBUD).

Hydrodynamic painting set is specially designed for high performance spraying of corrosion materials with the highest viscosity and density parameters. In this technology we can perform:

– Anti-corrosive and decorative coatings,
– Refractory coatings,
– Insulating and thick-film coatings,
– Coatings made with solvent-free and low-solvent paint.
– Coatings made with one component, multi-component, epoxy, polyurethane and others – after prior arrangement

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